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The real estate market is fast-paced and constantly changing. Buyers and sellers already face the uncertainty of the market but what about financial institutions, credit unions, and other financial institutions? Without a basic understanding of the best times to buy a house and list a house, financial institutions may not know the best time to advertise mortgage loans. 


Join BMA on this blog for an overview of the real estate market to understand when you should invest the most effort into advertising mortgages. 


When Is the Best Time to Buy a House? 

The best time to buy a house and sign up for a mortgage varies seasonally. Experts generally agree that late spring to late summer is the busiest time to buy a house — meaning there are the most homes available during these seasons. 


But there are certain advantages to buying a home in each particular season of the year


  • January to March: There are fewer homes on the market but there are also fewer buyers. This diminishes the risk of bidding wars, especially since homes tend to be cheaper in winter months. 
  • April to June: This is the time when there are the most homes on the market, allowing buyers to have a wide selection of options and financial institutions to offer the most mortgage loans. Homes tend to sell for more during these months so mortgage loans are bigger.
  • July to September: These months are considered the best time to buy a house because prices return to normal after the spring rush but there are still many homes on the market. 
  • October to December: As at beginning of the year, these months are slower for the housing market. Fewer homes are available but they are also cheaper since there is less demand. 


Most Popular Times to List Houses 


Most realty experts pinpoint the first 15 days of May as the best time to list a home for sale. According to Zillow, homes that sell between May 1–15 sell six days faster and for $1,600 more than other home listings. This is the most popular time for houses to come on the market and is typically the peak of the spring selling season. 


Additionally, Saturday is usually the best day to list a home. The day — and time frame — can vary by location but it is fairly consistent across the nation. 


Most Demanding Times to Buy a Home


Due to the flood of homes hitting the market between April and June, these months are both the best and worst times for homebuyers. To narrow it down further, April tends to be the hardest time to buy a home. With so many prospective buyers, homes go quickly, bidding wars are common, and people may end up settling for what’s available — even if the house is not their number one choice. 


Best Ways to Advertise Mortgage Loans 


By understanding the real estate market, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions can pinpoint the best time to advertise mortgages. Besides knowing when to advertise, there are a few different strategies that financial institutions can use to increase mortgage inquiries. 


  • Implement an email marketing campaign to current clients 
  • Use social media to reach new clientele 
  • Create unique visual content to draw in prospective buyers


Offer Mortgages at the Ideal Time 


With a clearer understanding of the housing market, including the best time to list and sell a house, and some different ways to advertise mortgage loans, financial institutions can be prepared to offer mortgages at the best time. If your bank, credit union, or financial institution needs additional help with mortgage loan advertising, contact BMA today.