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In order for your bank to operate smoothly, it requires accurate and precise core software. As you evaluate your current core software provider, do they provide all the elements your institution needs to be successful? Do you feel your software is on the “cutting edge” of technology that creates a competitive advantage for your bank that can drive new clients to your bank? Does your core software provider offer timely and affordable system customization? If not, it’s time to consider a core conversion or switching your software platform. If you have questions or concerns about switching core banking systems, this guide is for you.

What Are the Main Features That Core Software Systems Provide?

A core system is a centralized software service that handles all your banking operations and transactions. Core software systems should support the transactions your institution needs. Elements of core banking include:

  • Opening New Accounts; both online and in office
  • Processing Mobile Deposits
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Customer data and security
  • Account updates
  • All depository account types such as savings, CDs, checking, IRA’s, etc.
  • All lending account types. Such as Secured, Unsecured, Lines of Credit & term, etc.
  • All types of alerts, such as fraud, security, limits, and balances
  • Daily transactions and proofing
  • Reporting, both standard and customized
  • Accounting & financial record management
  • General Ledger management
  • Fixed asset management
  • All types of interest management and calculations
  • Payment processing
  • Statement Processing
  • All account type withdrawals
  • Compliance; both federal and local
  • Debit Card management
  • and more

Whatever services your bank relies on to support its clients, it’s essential to ensure those needs are being met through effective and customizable software. 

How Can My Core System Work for Me?

Mobile,Banking,Network.,Business,People,Using,Mobile,Phone,With,IconYour financial institution has its own specific needs, challenges, goals, and your core software system needs to partner with you to reflect that. As a result, your financial institution will thrive with the most effective system in place by providing, attracting, and maintaining more customers.

In today’s ever-changing environment, financial institutions have a much broader reach than they have had in the past. You can open depository or lending accounts online with the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. However, to ensure your institution’s operations are competitive and robust, you need to have the right core system in place. The right system can allow you to perform tasks and operations quickly and efficiently. Do you want to simplify your banking operations with the proper core banking software? Learn more about BMA Banking Systems today by visiting or calling 801-887-0122. We have a team in place that will assist you in simplifying the core conversion process.

What Should I Look for When Switching Core Banking Software Systems?

The first step to finding the right core banking software is to evaluate your current system to see if it meets your needs. Next, look at which aspects of your system could be improved. Form a list and prioritize the most important features to create an incredible user experience.  Also, you can form a committee that provides customer input regarding aspects of what they like about your products and improvements they would like to see introduced. After identifying the areas you would like to change, you’ll be ready to compare that list with core software providers.   Ultimately, your core software improvements should be a tool of empowerment, not something set in place to limit your options. If your current system isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time to consider core conversion.

If you feel like processes could run smoother, data could be analyzed better, or operations could be faster, then it might be time to consider switching core banking systems. Compare your newly desired features and benefits so you can effectively evaluate potentially new core providers to achieve your goal of improved operations. 

How Can BMA Banking Systems Provide a Solution?

BMA Banking Systems is the ideal core conversion partner for your financial institution. For more than 35 years, we’ve been working tirelessly toward core banking solutions and gaining invaluable experience to help our customers. Everything we do is deliberate and precise. With each partnership we forge, we work to tailor solutions to the needs of each customer and provide the best, most personalized service available.

Our organization works with all sizes of banks to create software solutions that are sophisticated and efficient. The BMA team is experienced, customer-centric, and effective. We strive to provide high-quality services and software solutions that promote growth to meet your metrics and key performance indicators.

If you need solutions regarding core conversions, consider switching core banking systems and partnering with BMA Banking Systems. We’ll make sure you have the right solutions customized to your needs.

Contact the experts at BMA today to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization, and be sure to request a discovery meeting at or call 801-887-0122. We look forward to hearing from you to show you what we can do to take your financial institution into the future.