Provided for Current Industry Knowledge & Information

BMA has a variety of channels to assist in staying current on the financial industry. The Education Tab of the website provides updates and information through a variety of sources. It is important for BMA to continue as a leader in the industry. Communication is an effective way to provide current and potential clients with this information and knowledge.

Staying competitive may not be enough. We continue to desire that you stay ahead of the competition. Knowledge and training is an important part of this.

Included we have a few sources to assist with communication. This part of the website will continually be updated and changed to keep your institution top-in-class.


Our blogs are posted on a regular basis and provide detailed information on the industries hot topics, trends and changes. You will find that the various blogs will provide you with a detailed review of the identified topic.

System Enhancements & Compliance Updates

We provide system enhancements as implemented and regulatory updates monthly:

  • The system enhancements provide information and training. We encourage you to contact us through the website for training and additional information.
  • Regulatory updates are provided monthly and include a question and answer section for a regulatory issue, a hot regulatory topic review and updates on the current status of new or changing regulations.


System Enhancements

Compliance Updates