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Depository Solutions

Deposit solutions are the building blocks of any financial institution. In an increasingly cashless age, it’s imperative that banks are equipped to offer their customers secure access to their accounts.

At BMA, we offer all the basic types of depository accounts that meet all regulatory and legal standards:

  • Account Types Customized to Suit Your Needs
  • CDs
  • Checking
  • Demand Deposits
  • High-Interest Checking
  • Money Market
  • Savings
  • Sweep

Financial Institutions can continue to work with their existing or preferred provider for loan and deposit documents, or can choose from BMA’s list of qualified providers. All depository accounts are created with ease thanks to BMA’s easy-to-load platform.


BMA’s deposit solutions are dependable and built with your confidence in mind. Financial Institutions can easily create checking, savings, CDs, and retirement accounts through the easy-to-load BMA deposit documents. Our solution stores documents for the required time per laws and regulations, negating any need for external servers. Our software also allows clients to conduct automatic OFAC checks, test profitability, and analyze accounts.

All documents are stored safely and securely within the core as part of our signature “single sign-on” feature.  You can protect your documents, access them quickly and avoid unnecessary amounts of searching time and paper.

BMA deposit solutions were also built with your customers in mind. Our solutions allow you to easily view electronic signatures and scanned document images at the account level. Deliver printed or electronic statements with multiple timeframe options to your customers.

Auto-Account Opening

Our deposit account solutions also include an optional auto-account opening, which can facilitate the entire end-to-end account opening. This includes: ID verification, OFAC checks, check history, documents, and more all online and within minutes.

Digital Solutions

Years of document storage is built into our core, which means that there are no external servers to access. Our document management meets all the regulatory and legal standards required by the FDIC. Customization allows you to interface through an API the software to your preferred document source. With our depository platform, financial institutions can:

  • Easily attach electronic signatures or imaged documents at the customer or account level.
  • Deliver printed or electronic statements with multiple timeframe options to your customers.
  • Conduct automatic OFAC checks, along with account analysis and profitability testing.