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Fraud & Risk Management Solutions

Over the past three decades, BMA has become an industry leader in risk management. Our focus is on helping leaders minimize losses, even as the threats of fraud continue to escalate around the country. We know that safety and reliability are of the utmost importance to you and your customers. Your personal BMA account executive is always monitoring national trends, staying ahead of any potential fraud, and identifying risk before it impacts your bottom line.

Our Advantages


Customizable solutions allow us to work together to create the most secure network possible.


While your bank’s team focuses on more complex issues, BMA handles financial security risk management for you.

Save Money

Avoid spending money on expensive equipment with BMA’s secure cloud-based data center.


Our experienced team of security specialists is always available to answer your questions and solve your problems.

Our Features

Geographic Redundancy

Your data is extremely important, and that’s why we take significant steps to protect it. We keep and maintain data backups in an offsite location to keep your data secure in case of data center failure.

Hardware Redundancy

For your business to run smoothly, you expect a secure safe environment for your data. BMA’s redundant hardware maximizes security and maintains constant uptime connectivity to the cloud while providing an active failover in cases of emergencies.

Network Redundancy

If your primary network connection goes down for any reason, you need to know that your data is safe. BMA’s network redundancy optimizes risk management with connections that are enabled for automatic failover. This BMA solution is available for both external and internal connections.

Power Redundancy

Power outages are common, and often cannot be avoided. BMA technology is prepared for power failure with always-on power supplies and backup diesel generators.


With BMA’s advanced core processing software, fraud and risk management is done at several different layers to provide the most secure platform available. Our customers enjoy a high level of confidence that their data is safe, and that our reliable backup system will always allow them to maintain optimal uptime.

Remote Access

Through BMA you can have system access through a remote VPN connection. This can allow those that have this access to obtain system information remotely.