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We Provide Solutions for ILCs

At BMA, we recognize that Industrial Loan Companies have unique needs as financial institutions. We have more than 30 years of extensive experience serving the specific needs of ILCs and De Novo ILCs.

Core Processing Solutions for ILCs

An ILC is an insured bank operating under a specific charter. It provides specialized lending to consumers and small businesses. ILCs have some lending limitations; for example, they are prohibited from issuing credit to consumers that intend to purchase products or services sold by an ILCs parent company.

Because of technological advancements, the banking industry is constantly changing and ILCs need core processing technology and innovative software that can keep up with their complex structures. At BMA, we have all the tools you need for your ILC to run like a well-oiled machine. From dynamic core processing solutions to customized software needs that allow your industrial bank to thrive and meet the demanding needs of your Customers.

Our advanced technology and core processing solutions include:


Card Solutions

Customized System Enhancements

Deposit Solutions

Fraud & Risk Management

General Ledger

Item Processing

Provide maximum processing efficiency.

Loan Solutions

Participation, construction, closed-end, open-end, debit card, etc.

Online & Mobile

Products provided by our strategic partners.

Teller Systems

Integrated branch and teller capture.

Our goal is to provide maximum ease for our ILC clients, and we do it by creating easy-to-use products. Our touchscreen system technology is compatible with all major web browsers, and is simple to learn. Smooth, seamless third-party API integrations allow ILCs to connect with other software in an efficient and fast way. ILCs that partner with BMA can trust the products, knowing that they are regulatory compliant.

With an aggressive system and flexible pricing, ILCs need not worry about unprecedented fees. We customize rates for each ILC client, just like we customize the solutions we provide. Custom open architecture system enhancement can meet the unique needs of ILCs.

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Benefits for ILCs

Our core processing solutions provide several benefits for ILCs, such as:

  • Access to extensive De Novo expertise and experience.
  • Custom system programming that grows with you.
  • Increased security with our data centers.
  • Support team with customer-centric solutions.