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BMA Touch Announcement System Overview

  • Provides an automated announcement process for all your clients.
  • Offers online ability for client communication.
  • The system gives you the ability to:
    • Send an email to a specific group.
    • Send a text message to a specific group.
  • Fully integrated with the BMA Touch System.
  • Various customized criteria options are available.

Announcement Creation Process

  • Customizable announcement title available, over 30 characters.
  • A variety of account criteria options available.
  • All criteria options include data / date range options.
  • A variety of account application options.
  • Each account application includes a choice of types.
  • Each announcement has edit / delete functionality.
  • Screen warning intended for last edit.


  • Complete report for review of each announcement in process.
  • Edit capability for announcement from report.
  • Full reports available for all announcements.