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A man with the word API in his hand.EducationalITaaS
May 30, 2024

What Is API Access and What Are the Advantages for Your Business?

Unlock seamless integration and enhanced functionality with API access. Explore API keys, security, and the advantages for your business and development.
A person using a laptop with various software and security icons floating around him.Educational
February 29, 2024

It’s Time to Review Your IT Services

Discover IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) for Comprehensive IT and Security Assistance. Explore the Features and Benefits for Institutions IT and Security Solutions.
Teaching children about moneyEducational
August 24, 2023

How To Teach Kids About Banking Basics and Money

Teaching kids about banking from a young age lays the foundation for financial independence later in life. But what is the right age to start teaching kids about money? How…
A young woman working remotely at her computer.Educational
June 13, 2023

How Bank Clients Working Remotely Has Changed Banking

The Federal Reserve has always played a role in providing payment services to supplement those of private-sector providers, processing small-value transfers like recurring bill payments and direct payroll deposits.
What is fed now?Educational
April 26, 2023

What Is FedNow?

The Federal Reserve has always played a role in providing payment services to supplement those of private-sector providers, processing small-value transfers like recurring bill payments and direct payroll deposits.
A sign reading wallstreet in front of an exchange buildingEducational
February 9, 2023

What is a Neobank

Learn what NeoBank is, how it works, its benefits and more. Read through this post or get in touch with BMA Banking for more information.
A cake decorated with the words "GEN Z" being touched by two hands.Educational
January 17, 2023

Understanding Generation Z’s Financial Needs and Preferences

As with every generation, Gen Z’s financial needs and approaches differ from their predecessors. Gen Z watched their parents struggle through the Great Recession and are now looking for opportunities…
Discussion in MeetingEducational
April 27, 2022

How Banks Can Successfully Integrate With FinTech’s

Success in contemporary banking comes down to providing the best consumer experience. People’s banking expectations are higher today than they used to be due to the rapid expansion of consumer…
Girl Talking on CallEducational
April 6, 2022

How Can a Core Provider Be More Helpful to Your Financial Institution?

Core banking is vital software that keeps bank systems up to date in providing the latest feature and products that customers depend on and expect. Because of the vast competition…
Girl Writing Something on PaperEducational
March 24, 2022

The 6 Steps to a Successful Core Conversion

The computational needs of a financial institution are difficult for the human mind to fathom. Not only are there impressive numbers to keep track of, but all sorts of customer…
Is Your Core Bank Software A Good Partner?Educational
January 13, 2022

Is Your Core Software Provider a Good Partner?

In order for your bank to operate smoothly, it requires accurate and precise core software. As you evaluate your current core software provider, do they provide all the elements your…
Stock Price IndicatorsEducational
December 21, 2021

How Will Cryptocurrency Affect the Financial Industry?

As more and more online companies begin to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, it has both lawmakers and financial institution regulators feeling nervous. The frequent introduction of cryptocurrencies…
Two Men Talking TogetherEducational
November 9, 2021

What Is a Core Conversion?

If a bank determines to review its core software platform, it might decide to perform a software conversion to replace it with a state-of-the-art system. A conversion can be undertaken…
Credit UnionEducational
October 7, 2021

Starting a Credit Union

Starting a credit union can seem like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple steps to follow, and anyone can be ready to open a…
Golden Colour CoinsEducational
September 14, 2021

How Much Capital Do You/I Need to Open a Bank?

Organizing and starting your own bank is a massive undertaking for a variety of reasons, with raising capital as only being one of them. Owning and operating a bank, needless…
Automated Clearing House (ACH)Educational
August 17, 2021

Understanding the Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Most consumers and businesses have used ACH payments before, whether for recurring payments or bulk transactions. However, while many people have used these payments, they may not know what the…
Man Passing Cash from WindowEducational
July 1, 2021

Bank vs Industrial Loan Company (ILC) Charters: Which Should You Start and What Are the Differences?

When it comes to starting a financial institution, the variety of options available makes it challenging to narrow your choices. Join BMA as we look at the differences between traditional…
Man Using Online Banking ServiceEducational
May 18, 2021

What Is an Online/Digital Bank and How is One Started?

What Is an Online/Digital Bank and How is One Started? As banking trends and technology continue to evolve, digital banking solutions are quickly becoming a popular option. While traditional banks…
Banks vs. Credit UnionEducational
May 6, 2021

How Is a Bank Different from a Credit Union?

These days, there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing an institution for storing your cash and taking out loans. It seems as if there’s a bank…
Currency and GraphsEducational
March 23, 2021

Understanding the New Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Regulation

Understanding Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) After the 2008 financial crisis, the Financial Stability Board determined that the banking industry’s failure to recognize future credit loss was compounding the disaster.…
March 16, 2021

The Factors That Influence Interest Rates in 2021

The Factors That Influence Interest Rates An interest rate is essentially a fee for borrowing money, and it’s virtually unavoidable if an individual is looking to buy a home, car,…
Girl Talking on CallDe Novo BankEducational
December 15, 2020

How to Start a De Novo Bank in 2021

Starting a bank often seems like an impossible task. In this day and age, that conception is false. With experience and modern technology, anyone with ambition has the opportunity to…
man using atmEducational
September 1, 2020

Evolution of the ATM

Today’s automated teller machines (ATMs) have a plethora of capabilities. Using your debit or credit card — or using contactless payment options on your smartphone — you can view your…
wealth growthEducational
August 20, 2020

Is a Bank a Profitable Business?

Most of us wonder at some point about how a bank makes a profit. How do banks make money when they provide so many free service offerings — especially ones…
merger dealEducational
August 5, 2020

Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: A Growing Trend

There were 249 bank mergers in 2019, totaling $57.68 billion which was almost double the valuation of the previous year. The high value was a result of the merger of…
credit card phishingEducational
July 7, 2020

Gone Phishing: How Vigilance Thwarts Scam Attacks

Phishing is a type of online scam that has been a constant, unfortunate accompaniment to the digital age. Research shows nearly one-third of all data breaches in 2019 involved phishing…
Starting a credit unionEducational
June 28, 2020

How to Start a Credit Union

A credit union is a not-for-profit financial institution that is run and owned by its members, unlike a bank, which may be publicly traded or privately owned. Credit unions offer…
Banking and Graph DataEducational
June 11, 2020

How to Choose the Right Banking Software

Financial institutions require powerful technology solutions that can keep up with ever-changing client needs. Patrons expect their banks and credit unions to offer a full suite of digital services, and…
Man Looking on LaptopEducational
April 23, 2020

Emerging FinTech Trends of 2020

Technology has slowly been taking over the finance industry ever since the stock market went electronic decades ago. People far and wide are investing in fintech for its time- and…
Sky View with BuildingEducational
February 18, 2020

5 Popular Banking Trends in 2020

The year 2020 is something we’re used to hearing about in sci-fi movies — but the new decade is already here. Along with a fresh decade comes exciting new banking…
Businessman Whiteboarding Business PlanEducational
January 25, 2020

Creating a Business Plan for a De Novo Bank

Before you open the doors of your De Novo Bank and start accepting customers, there are a few hurdles to overcome. One of the first ones is to create a…
Stock Price GraphsEducational
December 20, 2019

How to Raise Capital When Starting a New Bank

Banks are rock solid investments that can, upon maturity and after prodigious legwork, yield capital appreciation and significant dividend income for investors. Financial institutions make their money through the charging…
Downtown View from BuildingEducational
November 11, 2019

How Small Online Banks are Changing the Financial Landscape

Today’s consumers expect to be able to do just about everything from their smartphones, and that includes managing their bank accounts. Online banks have emerged to meet the demands of…
Sky View from the RoadEducational
August 12, 2019

Getting to Know ILC Banking

An industrial loan company (ILC) is a financial institution within the United States that lends money, typically to consumers and small businesses. A fixed institution since 1910, the distinctive feature…
Benefits of Core Banking SystemsDe Novo BankEducational
July 11, 2019

What Is a Core Banking System?

Advanced technology in the banking industry has made transactions safer, faster, and more efficient for banking staff as well as customers. Gone are the days of manually processing checks and…
Unlocked Lock With CoinsDe Novo BankEducational
May 15, 2019

Back in Black: Renewed Interest in De Novo Bank Investment

It’s been a long road, but regulatory conditions are finally more receptive to bank startups than at any time since the financial crisis struck a decade ago. Only 11 new…