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ACH Solutions

With BMA, you can manage costs associated with your ACH, making it a dependable solution for keeping up with the increasing demand for electronic payment systems. With our ACH manager, you can send and receive funds quickly from one account to another or through recurring payments.

  • Any outgoing ACH goes through your financial institution. BMA then gives the financial institution a file and full report for the outgoing ACHs. On the financial institution’s end, they authorize the outgoing ACHs in their secured portal.
  • ACH return goes through your financial institution as well, and BMA gives them a report detailing all returned ACHs. Upon receiving this information, the financial institution approves the returned ACHs in their portal.
  • BMA receives and completely processes all incoming ACH payments.

Wire Transfer Solutions

BMA’s wire transfer software lets you quickly and securely transfer funds. Here’s how it works.

  • Initiate a wire transfer through BMA’s software and validate payment details. BMA’s simple wire transfer solutions include tools that check for errors in bank routing and account numbers and alert you of any issues.
  • Approve the wire transfer using BMA’s customizable approval workflows. This ensures wire transfers are authorized by appropriate parties and comply with company policies.
  • BMA transmits the payment details to the financial institution to process the transfer. You’ll have access to real-time tracking and reporting to see the transfer status.
  • When the wire transfer is complete, BMA will confirm the transfer and let you download reports detailing the transaction.

We are focused on maintaining speed while keeping all ACH payments and wire transfers completely secure. BMA’s on-demand ACH systems can handle any fund transfers your financial institution needs, including recurring vendor payments. Utilizing our core technology prevents your team from having to manually manage tracking and sending payments, enhancing productivity and minimizing customer wait times.

Important Features of Our ACH & Wire Transfer Software

Send and receive ACH payments and wire transfers to and from anywhere in the world with confidence, knowing the funds will arrive safely in no time. Verify payments and reverse fraudulent charges with ease, providing you and your customers with peace of mind during any business transaction. BMA’s electronic payment solutions solve your time and security issues so that you can focus on more complex issues within your bank.

Full compliance with NACHA operating rules enables same-day settlement of all ACH transactions. This includes

  • ACH processing multiple times per day
  • Cost-effective
  • Cross-border ACH consumer or business
  • Direct deposit for payroll, government, tax payments, annuities, and interest payments
  • Secure encryption of forms to prevent fraud 
  • Advanced validation tools to ensure accurate payment details
  • Real-time wire transfer tracking and reporting
  • Integration with account and ERP systems
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Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our electronic payment solutions.

How long does it take for ACH payments and wire transfers to clear?

It typically takes one to two business days for ACH payments to clear and a few hours for wire transfers.

Are ACH payments and wire transfers safe?

Yes. BMA’s ACH solutions use security protocols that ensure the safety and security of all payments and transfers.

How do ACH payments differ from wire transfers?

ACH payments are generally used for low-value transactions and take longer to clear, while wire-to-wire transfers are typically used for high-value, time-sensitive transactions and settle faster.

Can you track a wire transfer or ACH payment?

Yes, with BMA’s transfer solutions, you’ll have access to real-time tracking and reporting tools so you can see the status of your payments.

Can BMA help with my de novo bank wire transfers?

Yes! Our de novo bank wire transfer solutions help you manage costs and keep up with the increasing demand for electronic payment systems. We help you quickly transfer funds to and from anywhere in the world. Your transfers are also very safe, as we use secure encryption to prevent fraud with our de novo wire transfer solutions.

Discover How We Can Help Your Financial Institution

We know that every financial institution has unique needs when it comes to ACH systems and wire transfer software, so we provide customized solutions for your institution. Request a discovery meeting today with one of our experts to discuss your custom electronic payment solutions.

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