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BMA Touch General Ledger Overview

  • Accomodates up to 1,000 branches.
  • Flexible definition in Chart of Accounts.
  • Smooth and thorough integration between Products and General Ledger.
  • Serves as the basis for all application and product design.

Transactions and Budgeting

  • Able to be sourced as paper MICR, internal online, incoming ACH, automated journal entry, or other source files.
  • History retention, backdated transaction-capable, and automatically-adjusted balances.
  • Budget maintenance and tracking for last year, current year, and next year.

Reconciliation and Reporting

  • Daily report of balanced and unbalanced accounts.
  • Includes outstanding balances, accruals, overdrafts, late charge receivable, undispersed balances and more.
  • Automatic official check reconcilliation.
  • Comprehenstive reporting designed for management and boards.
  • Includes Daily Transaction Journals. Detail Trial Balances, Financial Statements, Asset / Liability, Key Reports and many others.
  • Anytime online retrieval.
  • Custom reports available.